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Ginnies are small wood stakes used to mark locations. They are used in construction, road building, and surveying. Rays Wood Products can satisfy special order needs.

The nylon strands are called whiskers or feathers. Plain ginnies do not have feathers..

Ginnies are used in survey work and road construction. The feathers are available in different colors:

Rays has 7/8" round ginnies (above) and 3/4" x 1 1/8" cornered ginnies (below).


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For details on these products, go to these pages:

Marking Whisker - shown on the left in the top picture. Fits a 60p nail and/or will drive into wood.

Rail Road Spike Marking Whisker - second from the left. Fits on a rail road spike.

Flat Marking Whisker - third from the left in the top picture. Staples to wood.

Plain Ginnies (PG) and Feathered Ginnies (FG)- four wood stakes on the right side of the top picture. Pencil pointed 7/8" round stakes: six and eight inch lengths.

Utility Stakes - in colors, to mark power, water, gas. Or use the plain cornered stakes to fasten down wattles and other dirt errosion prevention devices. 19" , 13", or 7" lengths, or to order.

Cornered Feathered Ginnies (CFG)- pointed retangular (3/4" x 1 1/8") wood stakes: also in six and eight inch lengths. Third picture.


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Ginnies in use. Before, during, and after a pick up truck tire runs over them.